2019 NCAA Requirements

Please note the NEW NCAA Requirements for this tournament: (MANDATORY)

This needs to be done by ALL Travel Team Coaches that wish to be on the sideline for all NCAA Certified Events (only events where Division I College Coaches can attend).

Registering with the Basketball Certification Site

**If you registered with the BBCS last year, you will need to renew your account. DO NOT create a new account. After renewing your USAB Gold license, you will log in to your BBCS account. Check the boxes on the profile tab and on the 2019 Bench tab to indicate you understand the terms and agreements. Once this is completed, your account is active and ready to use.

For new coaches, ​Once you have received your USAB Gold license number, you will use it to create your BBCS account here: https://web3.ncaa.org/bbcs/login  Register as a New User

​The ECAG will take 24-48 hours to approve your account. Once your account is approved, you will be able to add players and coaches to your bench, create rosters, and opt in to events.

​Players are now required to create accounts on the BBCS site as well. They will register with the site, complete the educational course, and confirm their registration through email. They will no longer be required to sit through an educational session at each event. They will only do it once online.

​Once your players and coaches have created their accounts, they will be eligible for you to add them to your bench. On the COACHES tab, use the open search in the "Add Coaches and Athletes" section to find your coaches and players. If they have completed their registration, they will have a green "add to bench" button next to their name. Click that button to send their invitation. Once the coach or athlete has accepted, they will be added to your bench and can be added to rosters. Further instructions regarding athlete registration can be found here: http://www.ncaa.org/enforcement/basketball-certification/basketball-certification

Basketball Certification User Manuals

The all-inclusive ECAG Basketball Certification Manual has been republished with information for each specific role/function.  The manuals below are provided to identify requirements for each role and to assist participants with navigating the BBCS.  Event/league operators and participating teams/organizations are responsible for compliance with these requirements.  



To opt in to an event, follow these steps.

​1. Under the COACHES section of the website, go to the MY ROSTERS tab.

  1. Use the search bar in the Approved Events section to find the NCAA-certified event you are attending.
  2. Select "Create Roster."
  3. A box with all players and coaches listed on your bench will pop up.
  4. Type your team name in the team name section. Check off all players and coaches who will be participating with that team at the event.
  5. Select "Save Roster."

Renewing Your USA Basketball Gold License

​In order to obtain your certification and USAB Gold license, follow the steps below.

​**If you completed your certification for last year, your USAB Gold license has expired. Please return to the USAB site here. DO NOT create a new account. You will verify your information, and pay the license fee. On your dashboard, start a new background check and complete the YD Refresher Course. Once your license has been approved, please log in to your BBCS account.


  • If registering before January 1, 2019: $58.00
  • If registering in January, February March, 2019; May or June of 2019: $68.00
  • If registering in April and July of 2019: $125.00 (high volume processing months)

(These fees apply to applicants with a valid US social security number. Applicants without a non-US social security number will have increased fees. The application fee covers the educational requirements and the base fee for the Verified Volunteers background check. Please note that some states and/or counties charge a fee to access your records. You will be required to pay these pass-through fees when you complete the VV portion of the background check application. These fees are paid to the state/county directly and cannot be avoided.)

*BASE FEES FOR THE USAB GOLD LICENSE ARE AS FOLLOWS (International Applicant Annual Fees):

  • If registering before January 1, 2019: $77.00
  • If registering in January, February March, 2019; May or June of 2019: $87.00
  • If registering in April and July of 2019: $142.00 (high volume processing months)

*PLEASE NOTE: You MUST complete a new background check even if you hold a valid check from last year. This ensures that your license remains in good standing throughout the season.

ALL coaches must FIRST obtain their USAB gold license number (https://www.usab.com/youth/development/coach/process-for-becoming-a-licensed-coach.aspx) and THEN register as an adult user in the the BBCS (http://bbcs.ncaa.org) BEFORE they can participate in this event. ALL athletes must be registered in the BBCS BEFORE they can participate in this event. Adult registration directions can be found on page 38 of the ECAG user manual and athlete registration directions can be found on page 31 of the ECAG user manual. Team building instructions can be found on page 45. To access the ECAG user manual, go to http://www.ncaa.org/enforcement/basketball-certification/basketball-certification.

The NCAA now has TWO parts to becoming certified to coach.  

These are needed for all NCAA certified events (April/July/September) so please plan accordingly to secure you and your staff's certifications.

Teams without approved coaches and rosters on the NCAA BBCS will not be allowed to participate in the NCAA-certified portion of this event.

Step 1 – Coaches must obtain USA BBall Gold Licenses - MANDATORY:

Until you have obtained a USAB GOLD License, you WILL NOT be able to perform any activity in the BBCS beyond creating a user account.  This mean that you WILL NOT be able to:

  • Search for other coaches or athletes;
  • Create a BENCH of participants;
  • Create a ROSTER to participate in an event;
  • Apply to request NCAA certification of an event or league.

It will no longer be permissible for a team administrator who is not approved as a coach to enter information into the BBCS

  • To apply, go to https://community.usab.com
  • Be sure to indicate that you will participate in NCAA-certified activitieson your USAB application.
  • FAILURE to identify yourself as a participant in NCAA-certified activities on your USAB application will prevent you from accessing the required COACHES/OPERATORS sections in the BBCS resulting in your inability to operate an NCAA-certified event/league or coach in an NCAA-certified event.
  • Need help? Call 1-844-562-6201 and press Option 4.

The USAB GOLD License application fee is $58 annually for US applicants and $77 for international applicants (plus additional background check fees if applicable) and will include your educational requirements AND your Verified Volunteers background check.

For more information click here: https://www.usab.com/youth/development/coach/process-for-becoming-a-licensed-coach.aspx

DO NOT WAITUNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.  There are three videos you will have to watch with test at the end & the overall process of this + background check can take a minimum of 3 weeks..!!!

Even if you are coaching a 13 under aged team, any coach on the sideline must follow all of these steps to be part of a NCAA Certified Event(only events where Division I College Coaches can attend).

Event Coaches Check In:

We will be asking for you to show your USAB Gold License & another form of Photo ID. You can get your licence mailed to you (it takes about 4 weeks). Once you have completed the 3 courses and the background check and you have your Gold Licence - In the upper right hand corner there are 3 lines click on that & then request a license.

Step 2 – Register on the new BBCS:

ALL COACHES AND ATHLETES must create individual accounts on the all-new NCAA BBCS website https://BBCS.ncaa.org.

To use the new system, coaches MUST have a USAB Gold License.  If you do not have your Gold License, go back to Step #1 above.

Coaches are responsible for ECAG manual compliance.  The ECAG manual is posted online at http://www.ncaa.org/enforcement/basketball-certification/basketball-certification.  This PDF includes ECAG guidelines, legislation, and step by step instructions. This document is over 200 pages long - DIRECT WEBLINK TO MANUEL - PDF - CLICK HERE

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AS THERE ARE A NUMBER OF SERIOUS CHANGES TO THIS PROCESS.  To create an account in the BBCS, coaches must register. Adult registration step by step instructions begin on page 38 of the manual.

  • New accounts must be created in the new BBCS: old log-in information does not work.
  • All coaches must create an account, not just the head coach.
  • All athletes must create an athlete account.
    • Athlete flyer (print off and provide to your athletes or team parents)
    • Athlete account creation directions on page 31 of ECAG manual
  • Your username is your registration email address.
  • Passwords must contain 8 characters, upper and lower case, and a symbol (!@#$).   Passwords cannot contain a word found in the dictionary. For example, the word "blue" is not allowed but you can do a variation on the word and it would accepted: blu, blu3, b!ue, or another variation.
  • Your password locks after three failed attempts.  Use the password reset button, do not create another account.

Step 3 – Build Your Team Roster:

The head coachmust then invite their assistant coaches and players to be on their roster through the BBCS website. Click here for detailed instructions on how to build your roster.  Please note:

  • The new BBCS uses a "bench" concept, which enables the coach to have a pool of available athletes and assistant coaches.
  • The coach cannot search for and invite an assistant coach to their "bench" until that assistant coach has their (1) USAB Gold license, (2) created a user account in the BBCS, and (3) been verified by the NCAA.
  • The coach cannot search for and invite themselves to their own "bench".  The coach is automatically added to the "bench".
  • The coach cannot search for and invite an athlete to their "bench" until that athlete has (1) created their account in the BBCS, (2) viewed the educational video, and (3)completed their school information on their profile.
  • The coach cannot search for and invite an athlete whose address is not consistent with the NCAA residency requirements.  Athletes from a non-adjoining state or from a different country cannot be added to the "bench". Coaches will be required to provide documentation in advance if the athlete's residency/demographic information is flagged as questionable.
  • The coach can create multiple rosters for an event.  Once the coach opts into an NCAA-certified event, the team name, team address and roster can be added based on the athletes and coaches on the "bench".
  • If the coach has more than one team going to that event, they can opt in for a second time and enter their next team's information.
  • The NCAA has also created a handout you can give to your athletes on how to register on the BBCS.
  • Players and teams who are not of viewing age must still register and abide by all the NCAA Certification rules that apply to the viewable athletes.


During the NCAA recruiting periods, the rule is different:

  • Teams who have not completed all of the above steps WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the NCAA certified portion of the tournament.
  • Coaches cannot sit on a bench at any NCAA Certified Events unless all of the above steps have been completed before the event begins.
  • Because of the NCAA rule prohibiting players from playing more than 3 games per day, and 5 games in a rolling two-day period, players participating in the 15U through 17U/Varsity (NCAA certified) divisions can only play on one team and in one division during the entire event.
  • A 15U-17U/Varsity player cannot play in two different age groups (including the non NCAA certified 9U-14U divisions) or the same age group during the tournament. If a team loses, a player cannot switch to another team still in competition.

​If you require assistance or have any questions about this process, contact us ASAP!



Full instructions can be accessed by clicking on the NCAA Basketball Certification link below: